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Our City, Our Project

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rsz_1rsz_1m_e_for_websiteHolt Brothers Construction is excited to have recently won the Market + Exchange Plaza project in the heart of downtown Raleigh.

Currently, the plaza is dark and depressing, a sea of concrete. Used as a cut through and just recently the scene of a violent crime. When it’s done, the City of Raleigh’s Urban Design Center expects it will breathe new life into the 200 block of Fayetteville Street. Vendors and carts could line the plaza with goods, flowers and food for sale, attracting workers from the nearby 227 building (also under renovation) and apartment dwellers.

These are the types of projects we want to do – projects that bring vibrancy and life to our city.

Holt Brothers Construction is working on two other important City of Raleigh projects: the Critical Public Safety Facility and Raleigh Union Station. On both, we’re part of a team with two large construction firms. The Market Exchange Plaza, well, this is our project alone.

The project’s $1M+ price tag is small by some standards. But it’s big to us because our reputation hinges on us completing it successfully. It’s a complex project where timing, collaboration and execution will determine success.

We’re ready for the challenge and excited to have our company signs on Fayetteville and Wilmington streets in the near future. It may be the first time you’ll see our logo on a project, but we promise, it won’t be the last.

(By the way, keep an eye on our blog if you’re interested in Market + Exchange Plaza. Our project manager will keep you informed of key milestones during construction. )